The Rockets Children’s Motorcycle Display Team

Combining adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this talented troupe of young boys & girls will astound you with their airborne stunts & formation riding performance. Featuring their  very own club mascot “Rocket” the bear bringing this show alive with the audience.

Showcasing skills & ability the courage of these children will undoubtedly leave the crowds wowed.

If that’s not enough don’t worry they  know the importance of fun family entertainment & laughter so have plenty of this too!

Who Are The Rockets

They  are a small but talented enthusiastic group of 5-16 year old children. The  club is run by parents of the riders and every rider has the opportunity to excel in what they are good at. They  pride ourselves in being an inclusive club and having an eye for any particular skill a child may display, which is why they  are so successful as they  are open minded and will try and utilise these skills and passion to deliver an ever changing but spectacular performance with no two displays being the same.

The children have significant experience of riding and performing for many years both individually and collectively. Throughout this time they have been privileged to perform at Hyde Park for the Queens Jubilee, Silverstone, Asda’s ”on your marks” , 999 Emergency Service Day to name just a few. Furthermore, given the immense opportunity to train alongside & perform with the incredibly world famous “White Helmets”!

Their success hasn’t come without hard work & commitment, but when you are as dedicated as these young boys and girls, the passion shines through but don’t take our word for it come and see for yourself at the Emergency Services Show!